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Cultural Influences

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By Colleen CrawfordIn Dating Every culture has its own customs and traditions when it comes to dating and relationships.

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Open in a separate window Conflict, Culture, and Context Influences Hispanic Couples Participants of this study described their experiences with dating violence to include severe acts of physical, sexual, emotional, and economic abuse.

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As a dating Hispanic or interracial couple, it is important to keep the following in mind about the cultural differences between the sexes.

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" I felt more than heard the soft chuckle beneath me.


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Each time I started coughing and sniffling, he hushed me.

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Hopefully, my gigs doing temp work all the time will change.

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"Holly?" He squatted in front of me, pressing the back one hand to my cheeks before gently taking my hands in his, lightly rubbing back and forth.

Family Dynamics

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I was still panting when he moved his mouth to kiss me in the valley between my breasts.

That he'd give up on me.

I skidded to a stop at the kitchen island where a blackened ham sat in my mom's heirloom roasting pan-which had also turned crusty-black inside.

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