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A seven-foot-long Italian sub was carried in by two bespangled go-go boys and devoured by the crowd in 10 minutes, carbs be damned.

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Chris released his hold momentarily only to pull me by my waist back to him.

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Then there was the fact that he was strapped for funds with starting school again in January.

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Then she rationalized, since there was no bird, there was no need for stuffing.

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"Chris!" My cry came out garbled when I pressed my face into the pillow.

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Since we'd met, there had been many times we both shared various things about ourselves.

"Does he know you like it hard and rough sometimes?" My arms and head seemed frozen.

The sound of his breath catching made my heart thump harder against my chest.

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Chris's fingers were in my hair again, and I tilted my chin up.

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