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The sound of him zipping up his pants reminded me we had plans, but he didn't have me get up.

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She said he was bringing the meat so I didn't have to worry about picking it up.

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He was warm against my palms.

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" Right now, he wasn't trying very hard at all because his thumb was stroking that spot along the juncture between my leg and my hip.

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You know, it was Pete who helped me get your mom and Christmas dinner to your place last year?" The tension in my body let Violent sex picture a bit.

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I was there for you, if only as a shoulder to lean on.

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I lay there in the darkness, hugging the blanket I'd bunched up at my stomach tighter.

I moaned and pressed my forearms on his thighs to keep him from thrusting any deeper.

It was just the tip of his cock-primarily the reverse Prince Albert ring-that brushed my outer pussy lips, but it was electrifying.

She was distracting me, though, wasn't she?" His single dimple popped out as he grinned widely.

If I'd thought the mall had been crazy last year a week before Christmas when we'd first met, these people were on speed.

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