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The response, especially from straight women, was swift:

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I'd really appreciate any insight anyone can give me.

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Tweet Unless something drastically changes by press time, I've been single for the entirety of my year existence.

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To discover that I wasn't as hardcore and brutal as those punk guys had been.

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It was primal.

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"Cad," I barely breathed, a mixture of annoyance and arousal warring inside.

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I quietly secured the door and leaned my back against it, sighing and shaking my head.

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" He turned my chin back to him, though I was staring at our laps.

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Especially, when my dreams were about sex.

I'd planned to wrap up the ultrasound image for one of his presents.

Sweat dripped down his forehead.

Holly Berry for the rest of my life?" I sniffed back a tear, and my eyes widened.

I don't think it was intentional, but it caused sparks to light up sporadically through my nether regions.

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