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But he continued to kneel there, his eyes burning into mine.

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I was half asleep from the latter by the time he cuddled with me under the covers, Amateur screaming sex, his body folded behind mine and the blankets tucked all around us.

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The light behind the blinds was blue, indicating it still wasn't daybreak outside.

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I saved up everything I earned those last three years of college.

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And they listened to him?" I couldn't help glancing at his chest, trying to see if there were marks that he'd once had a nipple piercing.

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Making me arch with a choked gasp each time, my fingers fluttering on the couch.

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" While he talked, his fingers moved lazily over my skin, sending goosebumps popping up on my arms and legs.

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" I blinked at him.

Snuggle?" "I would like nothing more, honey.

He leaned down and kissed the top of one breast then licked at my nipple.

But there was more to my current demeanor.

" I flopped back on the bed with a deep sigh.

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